Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review: Menow Generation Liquid Lipsticks

I have had these products for months and months, and I've been meaning to post about them forever. But, you know, life and all...

If you've spent at least three or four minutes in the beauty blog-o-sphere, you have seen these lipsticks - they are everywhere. They are being touted as dupes for products 18x more expensive - supposedly, these are just as good as Kat Von D and Lime Crime liquid matte lipsticks. I have not tried those, myself (lolol you think I'm going to spend $18+ for a lipstick? Child, please.)

These are sold all over ebay and aliexpress - simply type in "lipstick" or "lip gloss", and it will be one of the first results. They are sold for about $0.99, often less.

I was curious about these, because these (allegedly) are lip glosses that dry matte, they last all day without needing re-application, and they don't transfer? You mean I can drink coffee and water, kiss my husband, kiss attack my son, and I will still have lipstick on? Well, say no more - I'm interested.

So, on to my review...

Click for more swatches and review details.

I ordered 5 shades from ebay. They were 99cents each, and since it's an overseas product, it took about two weeks to arrive to my mailbox. The shades I purchased are: #08, #16, #17, #25, #28. There is something like 30 or more shades, I believe.

I really hate that they are simply numbered without legit shade names - I honestly cannot remember the numbers of what I have. It's annoying, but, sometimes for affordable beauty products you gotta sacrifice a little sanity.

These come in cute little "test tube" style packaging (which brings me back to fond memories of working in the science lab in college), they have a typical doe-foot applicator. The texture, while wet, feels pretty nice - smooth and creamy, with a whipped-smooth consistency. When applying to the lips, you must work quickly - these begin to dry rapidly and any mistakes are not easily corrected. You better work fast and accurately.

You must apply these to dry lips. Do not apply lip balm first, or it will not "set" correctly. Many reviews I've read talk about a sticky feeling to these lipsticks, and yes, they will be very sticky if you apply lip balm before (or after...I've found that any lip balm seems to "reactivate" the product and cause unbelievable sticky-goopiness), or if you "smack" your lips together at any point before they dry. You need to paint these on, DRY lips, very thin layers on each lip, and keep lips separated until they dry.

They do indeed dry matte, but they take a very long time to dry sometimes, and they look and feel like dried-up paint on the lips. They cling unpleasantly and feel quite unnatural and strange in my opinion. The whole time I'm wearing them, I am very aware that I'm wearing them - they are there, there is no comfortable put it on, and going-about-my-business feel to it.

Let me just go ahead and say it. I don't care for these. They are a straight-up hassle to work with... they feel so ridiculously dry, and they aren't the carefree product I was hoping for. They do look really nice in pictures - but the whole time I'm wearing them, I can't wait to scrub them off.

Oh, speaking of which, you will need some type of makeup remover or super oily lip balm to remove these. If you are accustomed to working with a paint-like liquid lipstick product, this may very well be something you will love. As for me, I can't deal with them - they are irritating. If I need a super matte look, I will reach for another matte product or even simply wear lip liner for that "no gloss welcomed here" style.

 They do look beautiful, and swatch beautifully and super pigmented, but I don't like them. I cannot recommend them, even for the ridiculously cheap price. Do yourself a favor and buy a Megalast lipstick by Wet n Wild, or buy a matte lipstick by Revlon.

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