Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review: MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Hot Gossip

Ahhh, again, I am getting behind on posting! I do apologize.

I started a new job (and quit the other one I blogged about previously) over a week ago. I am now working in retail (oh, Lordy!) and even though it's supposed to be a part-time job, my hours are looking an awful lot like full-time.

So between working and school, I've been fairly busy every day. When I get home, I'm so tired, and I just want to plop down in a chair and watch something from Netflix. I'm really into watching Bollywood movies lately - they are just so upbeat and carefree. Sometimes I just want some cheerful entertainment to lighten the mood.

Anyway! Let's talk about one of my favorite things: lipstick.

Today I'll be reviewing one of my favorite MAC lipsticks in Hot Gossip.

MAC Hot Gossip Cremesheen lipstick

Hot Gossip is part of the permanent line, and is described as a "mid-tone pinky plum"; it is sold in the Cremesheen formula for $15.00. Personally, having tried a few other finishes, Cremesheen is my favorite MAC lipstick finish. Not everyone likes the finish because they find it drying - I, on the other hand, find it quite the opposite. I find it to be quite moisturizing and my lips feel soft even long after the lipstick has worn off.

True to its name, the Cremesheen finish applies with a creamy feel and a slight "shine" without looking too glossy. I find I get a decent amount of wear from it, about two hours before it fades to a slight pink tint on my lips.

Hot Gossip is a medium pink with a slight purple tinge to it, it leans oh-so-slightly "cool" if you ask me - but it isn't too cool that warm skin tones couldn't pull it off. I have some yellow skin undertones and I love this color.

The color is a cream with no shimmer. It looks great with a variety of makeup looks. It's a nice, soft pink that is noticeable without being too loud.

If you are not familiar with the classic MAC lipstick scent, oh, I adore it. It is a lovely vanilla scent that reminds me of vanilla ice cream, vanilla cupcakes, vanilla pudding - all things deliciously vanilla. Makeup companies, please take note. A lip product's scent will make or break it for me sometimes. But I love vanilla scented products!

I only have a handful of MAC lipsticks because the price is a tad steep for me. I'm not one of those bloggers that has tons of MAC lippies (woe is me!). I also do not have a MAC counter anywhere near me, so I am left with online purchasing. So when I do decide to buy a MAC lipstick, I research shade reviews and swatches extensively before I decide to make the plunge and order some. I hope my review helps if you are thinking about buying this shade!

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