Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: LA Colors Moisture Lipstick in Dusty Rose

LA Colors is a brand that I don't see many reviews on. However, they are one of my favorite bargain brands: they are available in almost any dollar store, and I've also seen them in discount department stores and even grocery stores. You can also find LA Colors online. Many people ignore LA Colors because of the cheap prices, and the non-fancy packaging. Yeah, the packaging isn't pretty or cute: but it's the product inside that counts, right?

wpid-picsart_1397683556486.pngI'll admit, I also passed over LA Colors for years, until deciding to try some of their products a while back as a broke student. Most of their products can be found for a $1, which is crazy. If you don't like it, you're only out a dollar, so why not try it? I've found many of their products to be quite good, especially for the price. I love their eye shadows, powder compacts, nail polishes, and also lipsticks.

I have several of these Moisture Lipsticks, but today I'll be reviewing the shade Dusty Rose. I may do some swatches of the other colors, soon. :)

LA Colors Moisture Lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. They have an extremely smooth texture, they are lightweight and feel like wearing a lip balm. They do not feel heavy, aren't sticky, and are very comfortable to wear. Because they are so moisturizing and lightweight, the wear time isn't that long. But for $1, I'll sacrifice some longevity in exchange for a smooth, lip balm-style texture. They come in several shades, in creme, frost, satin, and shimmer finishes.

They smell awesome. Seriously, they smell like yummy vanilla ice cream. The scent reminds me of MAC lipsticks. I know, that sounds weird, a $1 lipstick that smells as good as MAC? Well, I kid you not.

Dusty Rose is a soft rosy mauve/pink color, with shimmer. Yeah, I know, that was a weird description, LOL. It's an every day kind of color that would look great with a variety of makeup looks. The shimmer doesn't bother me, since I rather like shimmery lip colors, but if shimmer isn't your thing, I'd try another shade.
wpid-picsart_1397683382173.png wpid-picsart_1397683724317.png wpid-picsart_1397682921614.png


For $1, I definitely recommend LA Colors Moisture Lipsticks. You can find them in pretty much any Dollar Tree or Dollar General store. The packaging definitely isn't pretty, but overall, I like the lipsticks anyway.
Disclaimer: The item in this review was purchased by me.

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