Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Special K Coffeehouse Protein Breakfast Shakes

Being familiar with Special K products, I was looking forward to trying these. I love Special K cereals (the Vanilla Almond cereal is my favorite) and breakfast bars. Special K offers low calorie cereals, snacks, and drinks, while still providing plenty of yummy flavor.

PicsArt_1395760566933 Instead of having my usual cup of coffee this morning, I decided to try Special K's new Coffeehouse protein breakfast shakes. I received the flavors Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla Cappuccino for review.
PicsArt_1395760669888The Coffeehouse protein breakfast shakes are no different from Special K's usual quality. Chocolate Mocha has a smooth, creamy chocolatey flavor, with just a hint of coffee taste. Fans of chocolate will love this flavor - it reminds me of chocolate milkshakes or brownies.
My favorite flavor of the two, though, is Vanilla Cappuccino. I love vanilla flavors in general, so I'm not surprised I gravitated more towards this flavor. It has a soft, sweet vanilla flavor, with just a hint of the cappuccino taste coming through. Personally, I love coffee, and I would have preferred a stronger coffee taste. However, people who aren't huge coffee drinkers will be pleased that the coffee taste in these drinks are very subtle.
I also like the slightly thick texture of the shake, it provides plenty of "substance".
My husband is the type who runs off to work without having breakfast, and I can imagine that these Coffeehouse protein shakes would be great for people like him. The 10 ounce bottle is shaped perfectly to fit into your hand. Grab one of these, fly out the door, drink on the go, and start your day.
I let my hubby have a sip of the drinks, and he really liked them, too. He preferred the Chocolate Mocha flavor (hey, whatever, more Vanilla Cappuccino for me!) He also mentioned how these taste so much better than your average protein shakes - he likes to have protein shakes a few times a week, especially after a busy day or a workout. Sometimes those protein shakes have a gritty texture and gross flavor - I'm sure you know what I mean, if you've ever had a protein shake, sometimes they can be hard to finish. But these... they're good.
They have 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and under 200 calories. With as much caffeine per serving as a cup of coffee, I definitely would not mind occasionally switching up my usual morning coffee routine and drinking these. They taste awesome!


Disclaimer: I received the items in this review as a sample from BzzAgent.

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