Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Raspberry Red Hair

Last week, I decided to change my dark golden brown hair into something a bit more drastic. I love to change up my hair, and I'm not afraid to try vibrant colors.
Now I have bright reddish pink hair. I think raspberry is a good description for it since in some lights it looks red, and others it looks pink.
First I highlighted my hair with Revlon Frost and Glow kit. Then I applied my own mixture of Manic Panic and Jerome Russell Punky Colour shades: I used Manic Panic Vampire Red, Hot Hot Pink, and Punky Colour Red Wine and Rose Red. Just used a little dollop here and there of all those colors, mixed them up, and applied.
Here is the result. I really like it and have gotten many compliments on it. My husband also likes it. :)

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