Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Influenster VoxBox: Pampers Cruisers Diapers

I received some Pampers Cruisers diapers from Influenster to try out for free in exchange for honest reviews.

I really don't like writing less than positive reviews, it's not fun to bring to light the negatives of a product. But, because I'm honest, I'm going to share how I feel about Pampers so others moms can shop more wisely.

Every mom figures out what works best for her baby as time goes on. You find what's worth it, what isn't, what's necessary, and what you can do without. You also figure out what brands to stay loyal to, and what brands just don't work out for your needs.

For us, Pampers doesn't work out.

My son is almost 10 months old now, and by now, I have found out what diapers work for us. When he was a newborn, we had a huge stash of diapers from the baby shower, and we got to try out all kinds of brands for several months. Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and all kinds of generic brands. I used them all with indifference, not really noticing any particular brand at first until I started noticing some leakage problems. I started paying attention more closely, and noticed the diapers most prone to leakage were the generic brands (some of them) and Pampers.

Nothing feels yuckier than picking up your baby and feeling his outfit is cold and wet because his diaper leaked!

When Influenster invited me to this Pampers Cruisers campaign, I was hesitant because of the history of leakage we've had with their brand. But, they insist the Cruisers are supposed to hold more liquid, resist sagging, and so on. I figured, hey, why not give them a try? Maybe we'll have better luck this time.

I put my son in a Pampers Cruisers diaper and shortly after, he dirtied it. I had no problems that time, I changed it as soon as possible. The second time in a Cruisers diaper, he wore it for a couple hours without any particular issues.

The third time, though.... We went about our day as usual, and we were on the bed and playing and cuddling. He was next to me, and suddenly I saw a huge puddle forming underneath him. What the heck? LEAKAGE! Pee! All over the bed! I immediately changed him into one of his regular diapers, and stripped the bed because it was soaked. UGH!!! He hadn't even been wearing that Pampers diaper for even 2 hours yet.

Two out of the three Pampers diapers were fine, but the third had major issues. I would just rather stick to a brand that works for us and doesn't have problems with leaking. At this point in the mommy game, I have found that Huggies and Luvs diapers work best for us. He can even wear them overnight without problems in the morning.

Sorry, Pampers. I gave you guys a fair shot, and I really hate to say that your diapers don't work for us. I have friends that swear by Pampers, but not us, unfortunately. I'm glad Pampers works for other babies, though.

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