Saturday, June 22, 2013

Six months of matrimony

Six months ago today, Mark and I were married.

I can't believe we've been husband and wive for half a year already. :)

I always found it a bit silly when couples say things like, "happy 2 months anniversary!" or "happy 3 months!" like 2 or 3 months is a huge deal. Half a year, though, seems kind of significant. To me, anyway.

For our six month-iversary, I tried to pamper my husband with lots of goodies: for breakfast I made pancakes (with cinnamon, nuts, and chocolate chips), meatball marinara pizza for lunch, and for dinner I tried to do something a little nice; I made some grilled steaks, baked potatoes, green beans, and salad. My husband loves a good steak and potato meal and needless to say, he was smiling at the dinner table.

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, I think I just beelined my way there. haha :)

For dessert, though, Mark is treating me: he's making banana nut bread for me, my favorite. Best part? He's doing all the dishes from dinner. Cha-ching! lol

But honestly... these past six months have been such a great new chapter in my life. I will be honest, things have not always been easy: two months into our marriage, my dad passed away. There's been serious emotional problems for me because of that, and as newlyweds, that isn't easy to handle. But Mark has been such a blessing every step of the way. He has been so patient, and understanding. Always offering me love unconditionally, with open arms.

He makes me laugh like no other, and  he understands my sometimes odd sense of humor. We can know what the other is thinking or feeling with a simple glance. He shares the same beliefs as me, and has the same love for God as I do. All my life I looked for someone who understood me, someone who is on the same page as I am. He is the best part of me... he makes me a better person.

Mark is the man I prayed for, for so many years. He is the brightest part of my life - I truly understand what it means when people use the term "my other half" to describe their spouse. He truly is my best friend, and I look forward to a long and happy marriage with him.

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  1. For about six years I prayed about meeting a godly woman. Then I gave up that prayer, because I realized I needed to pray that God make me into the man I needed to be. When I was ready, then God would no doubt bring me the godly woman into my life. Fifteen years later, God brought us together. I needed a lot of work, I guess. I love you, Hannah.


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